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gelo stress

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Make A Wish Foundation In March 2016 Tristan and I have decided to challenge myself by running the …

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Adopt a Family We are collecting funds for the Adopt a Family if anyone wants to donate $$ 

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John Andersen fra Hus Forbi Jeg har besluttet mig for at samle penge ind til min kære ven John på 61 år.…

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Snowed Inn Snowed Inn - Friday 12/11 50 dollars a couple Money is due Wednesday 12/2

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Trip To The Dominican Republic Trying to enjoy a vacation during winter break

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Debts: Mark 2 Colin: Amazon Purchases (iPhone case) Armin: Amazon Purchases (Sweaters) Me:…

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Debts: Mark 1 Ill be dividing this series of debts up based on the receipts I got. They…

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Hercule's Christmas Gift 🐶 Poor dog, he doesn't have his own bed...

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FUN THINGS LIKE HEAT & WATER brushing our teeth is kewl

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