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Dillo Tanks! Tilt for the Dillo Tanks this year #FDD2k15 Make sure you include your size

$78 of $100
3 days

$1 - Dominican Republic Charity for Kids We want to give back to the non-profit company (Makarios) that we have been …

$56 of $150
5 days

Alcohol Hello this is how much everyone owes me Paula's a loser: $52.00 Sarah: $…

$71.32 of $1
9 days

PKP Make-A-Wish We gratefully accept any donations, as they will go directly toward the litt…

$84 of $100
4 days

Kokomo Kokomo party: this is our initial alcohol fund for Kokomo. 20$ to every brot…

$120 of $1,000
6 days

Turkey Calls And Danger Zones For All! A community of taus come together to help provide a good time for our formal…

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6 days

Ginny's Gift Show some love for Ginny's by chipping in for her gift!

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4 days

Sigma Pi Rush 2015 Tank Top Here it is, guys. The rush tank top you've all been waiting for. Rush is…

$150 of $180
16 days

Pi Kapp Formal Shirts Pay for your Formal shorts here or in cash to Chris or Ben, or throw it in t…

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13 days

2015 BASE BALL dues Each team owes $60 total.

$180 of $1
40 days

Ogle Open House Hey guys, I will be collecting the money and writing Teddy a check for the …

$559.56 of $979
6 days

D Academy fellows gift to Krista Nightengale The 2014-2015 D Academy's 22 fellows will gift "The Wicked Flee (GR…

$170 of $475
4 days

Impacting Glasgow, Scotland Hey Everyone, I just wanted to inform you all of this awesome opportunity Go…

$420 of $500
19 days

Open Bar & DJ $$$ $25 each for Open Bar $3 per couple for DJ

$105 of $1
1 day

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao The boxing match of all boxing matches in the Box movie room.

$30 of $90
12 days

Phi Gamma Delta's Graduate Send Off Reception Join us at Crave Miami June 5th, 8:00 pm to celebrate the transition from un…

$80 of $40
41 days

Theta Xi Shipwrecked Shirt Short Sleeve 2015 This is the tilt for the Shipwrecked shirt, it is $13 and Comfort Colors. Th…

$234 of $468
4 days

GNI ROLLERSKATING NIGHT Hi ladies! If you'd be into a Girls Night In PRIVATE PARTY night at Moon…

$120 of $750
8 days

Omar Ahmed's Eagle Project Fundraiser 2015 My name is Omar Ahmed, I'm a life scout in Troop 12. Currently, I'm …

$460 of $1
57 days

St. Jude Care Package Fundraiser Please contribute $15 to purchase a care package for your daughter or son. A…

$115 of $1
6 days

Theta Xi Spring Bus Trip Short Sleeve 2015 This is the tilt for the bus trip shirt, it is $13 and Comfort Colors. Pleas…

$351 of $468
4 days

Sigma Nu Summer Tanks Sigma Nu Comfort Colors tank top. We will have these in by the beginning of …

$105 of $15
57 days

565 W. Hancock Ave End of the year Party Friday Pre-Twilight banger. Come out to 565 W Hancock Ave for music, cold be…

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1 day

Flowers for the Nguyen Can everyone donate so we can provide Billy and his family with some beautif…

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Last day!

Julie's Ecuador Fund There once was a country called Ecuador. I’ve never been. But it’s great, I’…

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15 days