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AC Spring Yacht Party 2015 "Tell people why they should chip in." Hmmm... Yachts (yes multipl…

$540 of $900
11 days

TELL End of the Year Party! The weather is starting to turn!  That in and of itself is reason …

$20 of $150
15 days

4/25 Luxury Bus Napa Winery Tour Pulling money together so we can reserve the luxury bus.  With people t…

$300 of $2,800
22 days

WV Hockey 2015 Tilt $20 Buy-in. Season ends Sunday, April 12. 

$60 of $200
16 days

Tls Date Babbyyyyy Skates Classic tls party tilt. Will be used for mollies and money cenmoed back

$40 of $50
6 days

Suit Up: A Habitat For Humanity Sumo Tourn... Do you need to relieve tension between you and your roommate? Ever wondered …

$58 of $7
1 day

TLS Babe-Pocalypse 2k15 so we can rage with babes like Brent from Brink

$50 of $50
9 days

AKPsi Spring Fling Get your Spring Fling shirt! The link closes tomorrow at midnight! $15!

$60 of $750
1 day

Pre-EC Gala Section B Dinner We will host a pre-EC gala section B dinner at Zuzu from 6:30-8:30, before h…

$640 of $1,600
9 days

Skate Park Skate for free with friends

$60 of $50

TLS partayyy turn up on skates

$50 of $50
9 days

Washington Trip Gas on way home: $92 Three ubers: $51

$87 of $1
33 days

Sigma Chi Wild Game Dinner T-Shirts These shirts are for our re-establishment of our annual Wild-Game Dinner her…

$45 of $1,200
9 days

HELP NICK FEEL BETTER! So we all love Nick, but he has a cold which means that his nose is stuffed,…

$10 of $20
2 days

Birthday BBQ/Fundraiser for Nomi Network Hey guys! I know many people are leaving town this weekend, BUT In the spiri…

$40 of $10
2 days

The Armchair All-Americans We are an up an coming sports blog with writers from every school in the SEC…

$140 of $250
59 days

Field Party This is the price PER COUPLE for buffet style dinner and drinks.  We ar…

$200 of $800
13 days

Masters 2015 Viewing Party The party is going to be a blast! My dad told me we could probably get the v…

$100 of $400
8 days

Save Goose the Kitten Hi everyone! During our last post we informed everyone that the skin graft w…

1% raised
1 day

Section C Family Graduation Dinner & Drinks! Come join Section C for the  FINAL   section event of our HBS care…

$408 of $2,250
17 days

Gold Celebration Trolley Tour Gold cohort and friends are taking a trolley adventure through San Francisco…

$280 of $580
1 day

Myrtle Beach Hotel Please put in $60 per person claiming your spot for 3 nights (Sun, Mon, Tues)

$180 of $300
14 days