97th Battalion Gear Fund

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Target at $20,000
My unit, the 97th Battalion is known for it's speciality in urban warfare and counter terrorism. As all units within the IDF, we have been assigned a territory as our primary location. The area given to my battalion is that of the West Bank an internationally recognized hotbed of terrorism. Ever since the tragic kidnapping and murder of the 3 yeshiva students; Eyal, Gilad and Naftali my unit has been working non-stop to locate and arrest terrorists, quell violent riots, and ensure the safety of the Jewish people in the surrounding neighborhoods. Now as Israel's borders are heating up yet again we have been placed on high alert and are preparing for the worst. Due to the recent nature of our brigade, the newest in the army, and our battalion, the newest within the brigade the amount of funds allotted for our gear dwarfs in comparison to that of some of the better known units. I kindly request, in this time of tremendous trouble befalling Am Yisrael and the soldiers who have enlisted to protect it, that you might donate to our unit. This money will go towards buying much needed equipment, such as knee pads, flashlights, waterpacks, tourniquets, bullet proof vests and much more as a means of ensuring the safety and preparedness of the soldiers. I thank you on behalf of myself, my entire unit, and the army as a whole for your contribution.show less
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