We can save the Blue Angels -- let's bring them back for SF Fleet Week 2013!

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We can save the Blue Angels -- let's bring them back for SF Fleet Week 2013!
Started by Marc McCabe

The Navy announced earlier this year that they're cutting all funding to the Blue Angels, and canceling all planned shows as a result of the U.S. government sequester. Over 60 air shows all over the country have been canceled this year -- including our very own Fleet Week celebration schedule…

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Marc McCabeHello Blue Angels Contributors!I wish I was writing to you with better news but after lengthy discussions with the Navy, it is now apparent we won't be able to bring the Blue Angels back to SF this year. The main reasons being that the Military couldn't find an appropriate way to actually accept donations and most importantly, that the pilots have not been training and no longer have enough time to get ready for a 2013 show.However, I am pleased to say the Navy has heard us(!) and are in fact very moved by our earnest desire to see the Blue Angels fly. They tried very hard to make this work. I've even had a Blue Angels pilot 'friend' me on Facebook.I want to thank each of you for your incredible support in the face of long odds. I also want to assure each of you that you will NOT be charged in any way. I hope you've enjoyed the ride! Until next year... :)Best, Marc McCabe
2 years ago