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Started by Tim Nguyen
**NOTE: We've been told that this might be the biggest crowdfunding attempt ever, and since no one gets charged by Crowdtilt unless this campaign tilts at $600 million, there's no risk! So join us in giving back to the community!!**

Whether you're a basketball fan or not, you've proba…
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The campaign has ended but the conversation hasn't! Post a comment below.

Lewis KaplanHey Tim and Russell,What a great way that you used this forum.  I'm proud to have joined you in this noble quest.  Although I am very concerned about Balmer,  I am very happy that we can now look towards the Finals next year!Great Job Guys!Lewis
a year ago
Tim NguyenHey Everyone. We're not buying the Clippers, but we tried and we will try again! The impact YOUR campaign made has been felt. Like Jack Ma said, “It doesn't matter if I
failed. At least I passed the concept on to others. Even if I don't
succeed, someone will succeed." To all of us here at Buy The Clippers that's worth it. Thank you
a year ago
Peter KinnairdAwesome campaign! Let's do this thing!!
a year ago
Tim NguyenHey Everyone! Tomorrow afternoon will be one week and YOUR campaign is just moments away from hitting the $50,000 mark! Keep the conversation going!!!The idea of turning a sports team into community owned non-profit is resonating, and is being discussed by people such as Newt Gingrich ( and Alan Smith ( These two articles present good arguments why sports teams are so important to the community and hence, why they should be owned by the fans.YOUR campaign is truly historical, and we can succeed if get enough people talking and donating. Let's get the conversation going!PS: If you have a chance don't forget to like us on Facebook ( and check us out on Twitter (
a year ago
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David WrightWhy the hell not!
a year ago
Fred LipscombI know this alumni from UCI. Lets make it happen. Make a donation
a year ago
Gabriel SongHope this happens for real!
a year ago
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