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**NOTE: We've been told that this might be the biggest crowdfunding attempt ever, and since no one gets charged by Crowdtilt unless this campaign tilts at $600 million, there's no risk! So join us in giving back to the community!!**

Whether you're a basketball fan or not, you've probably heard about Donald Sterling's recent racist comments. We want to take a stand against racism and show the world that the power really does belong to the crowd. To demonstrate our power, we want to buy the LA Clippers, turn it into a non-profit and give the profits back to the community! JOIN US, SPREAD THE MESSAGE & DONATE TODAY!

Plus, if we don't raise our goal, nobody will be charged! That's how Crowdtilt works. So throw in a few bucks! There's NO RISK, and together we can buy the Clippers.


Are you serious about buying the Clippers? Why are you doing this? 

Yes we are, and we're not the only ones. In the last 24 hours we've seen the support of friends such as Joe CitizenSean Work, KTLA reporter Kacey Montoya, the executive producers behind Boiling PotFansrising, and more professionals soon to be listed. If we don't speak up about serious issues like racism, then we as a society are settling for less. Even a $1 donation helps to send a message about the power of the crowd, and as one, we really do have the power.

Has this ever been done before?

The Green Bay Packers are a publicly owned, non-for-profit major professional team. They’ve been fan-owned since the 1920s, and look at how many Super Bowls they’ve won! 

Who will handle donations?

Crowdtilt is the official platform we're using for donations.

Where is my money going?

100% of donations will be directly used to buy the Clippers.

Why should I trust you with my "donation"? How do I know you're credible people?

We are being transparent and we have nothing to hide. Check out our LinkedIn profiles and read more about who we are and what we are involved with.

Tim Nguyen
Russell Curry
Andrew Luu
Veronica Nguyen
Kevin Underwood

You can also contact Veronica directly at 949-2800-1574 or [email protected]; and Andrew at 714-386-9471 or [email protected]

How would I "own" part of the Clippers?

Non-profits are legally owned by the community and not by any one, or group of select individuals. Click here to learn more about the non-profit ownership structure.

Where do the profits go?

The Clippers franchise will run like a regular business, and after all bills are paid (such as the lease to the Staples Center, player salaries, coaching staff, licensing, etc...) what's remaining is profit. All profits and cash-flow beyond the need to run the organization will be donated to local children charities that fans will be able to vote on.

Note: This is simplifying things, but be rest assured we'll follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Click here to learn more about GAAP. Additionally all non-profits must legally disclose their financials to the public.

How much should I donate?

You can donate as little as you want and as much as you want. It’s up to you.

How can I help with the cause if I don’t have money to donate?

If you don’t have money to donate then all we ask of you is to help us spread the word and send our link to everyone you know. Also, if you have professional services, such as PR and legal, and can donate your time, that would be a huge help!

I'm not a fan of the Clippers, or even basketball. Why should I care?

Because this issue is much larger than just the Clippers or LA or basketball. It's a human issue. It's about doing what's right and making a statement to the world that you will not put up with power structures you don't believe in.


You should know that after we raise the money, we'll have to convince Donald Sterling to sell, and if he agrees to sell to us, the NBA will have to approve the deal.


Let's Buy the Clippers Together!

Tim NguyenHey Everyone. We're not buying the Clippers, but we tried and we will try again! The impact YOUR campaign made has been felt. Like Jack Ma said, “It doesn't matter if I
failed. At least I passed the concept on to others. Even if I don't
succeed, someone will succeed." To all of us here at Buy The Clippers that's worth it. Thank you
a year ago
Tim NguyenHey Everyone! Tomorrow afternoon will be one week and YOUR campaign is just moments away from hitting the $50,000 mark! Keep the conversation going!!!

The idea of turning a sports team into community owned non-profit is resonating, and is being discussed by people such as Newt Gingrich ( and Alan Smith ( These two articles present good arguments why sports teams are so important to the community and hence, why they should be owned by the fans.

YOUR campaign is truly historical, and we can succeed if get enough people talking and donating. Let's get the conversation going!

PS: If you have a chance don't forget to like us on Facebook ( and check us out on Twitter (
a year ago
Tim NguyenMorning Everyone! Yesterday YOUR campaign was featured on NBC here in Los Angeles!!! And, there will be more coming soon. It's been a very good week. =)

However, donations stalled yesterday, but that was to be expected. Everyone of us who made early donations when no one else believed, did so because you understand the power of the crowd and you understand how important it is to make a statement and show the world that together we can do anything. This is truly YOUR journey.

Now we face the challenge of convincing everyone else. Search "Buy The Clippers" on Youtube, Google or Twitter and you'll find that everyone is talking about it. Some are angry, some are making jokes and some are just riding the bandwagon - and that's all okay.

The best thing you can do is to JOIN THE CONVERSATION! Help share our mission to buy the Clippers and turn it into a non-profit so we can give back to the community. Get people talking and ask them to take ACTION!

To help, here is a question we get a lot - what happens after we raise the $600 million?

Everyone's donations are contingent on being able to raise the $600 million AND being able to buy from Donald Sterling AND being approved by the NBA/legal. So in other words, if we cannot buy the Clippers even if we raise the money, no one gets charged.
a year ago
Tim NguyenHey everyone! It's only been 48 hours and your campaign just broke the $40,000 mark!!! Congrats!

You're voice is being heard. Today, Fast Company picked the campaign up and wrote an exclusive article on your efforts. We received multiple requests for interviews and had numerous donors reach out with ideas and offers for help. Your goal of buying the Clippers and giving it back to the community is starting to be heard.

This campaign however, is so much larger than just buying the Clippers. It's not just about basketball or sports - it's about giving back to the community and the world!

This is YOUR campaign! It belongs to the people. Every Tweet, Facebook post, forwarded email and coffee shop conversation makes a WORLD of difference. Keep up the momentum!!!
a year ago
Tim NguyenGreat question by a donor regarding taxes:

We are not CPAs and cannot give legal advice regarding this matter,
however with that disclosure made, here is what we have been told:

Donations can be tax-deductible if they go to a verified nonprofit. If
there is a legitimate nonprofit EIN connected to this campaign by the
time it tilts and ends, that means we'll be able to send the money "to a
nonprofit" and legally be able to issue tax-deductible receipts to all

We are actually in the middle of speaking with verified non-profits to this effect.

More to come...
a year ago
Tim Nguyen

guys – What a day it’s been! In less than 24 hours, we’ve managed to
raise roughly $37,000 towards our goal of buying the Clippers away from
owner Donald Sterling. Our sky-rocketing campaign has been covered by
Time magazine – where we were mentioned alongside Oprah, Magic Johnson
and Diddy as potential buyers! – and we’ve got some more stories in the

the biggest story of the day is how amazing you, our donors, are. You
rock! You’ve all stepped up to the occasion and demonstrated your
support with amazing speed. We now need your help to keep the momentum.
Email your friends! Tweet at celebrities! And just spread the word in every way you know how about our worthy cause.

We can make this happen!

More to come...

a year ago
Tim NguyenWow! It's been a crazy fun day! We are making breaking news. YOU ALL ARE AMAZING! 
a year ago
Tim NguyenYou all ROCK!! 
a year ago
Tim NguyenThank you early birds for your donations! 
a year ago