Chrome Sentinel Messenger Backpack-Black/Black

with Chrome Industries
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Chrome Sentinel Messenger Backpack-Black/Black
Chrome Industries started the campaign
Boom! Yep, we're crazy. Why would we offer such a killer bag at a monster 55% discount? Well, no one actually gets the deal unless we get 125 of you lucky fools to order one! So share the deal with your crew and lets get this out the door!

Oh ya, and this deal is only going out to those that foll…
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Congratulations to everyone!
The campaign was a success. A big thanks to all our contributors.
137 sold
Andrew FungCan't wait to receive my Sentinel! 
10 months ago
Chrome IndustriesDamn, that was fast. Thanks gang for sharing and contributing. Follow us here and you'll have first dibs on our next campaign. And thanks for Riding Chrome!
10 months ago
133 sold
125 sold
Brianna Meow10 months ago
The campaign has tilted!
Brianna just made this thing happen. Awesome.
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Susy CastilloI love your brand and products! #rideon!
10 months ago
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