Comic book writer funding prize for comic book/manga artists to draw his story in global contest.

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Started by Aaron D'Errico
Comic book writer, Aaron D'Errico always wanted to play pro soccer like his Dad, David, first round draft pick for the original NASL Seattle Sounders and a Captain of The USA Men's National Soccer Team.  
Aaron has yet to play soccer, due to cerebral palsy, so in 2011 he create…
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Congrats on a successful tilt!
Big thanks to everyone who contributed.
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David Rivera2 years ago
We've reached the target!
What an inspiration – let's continue the climb.
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Jennifer RiggSO proud of you Aaron! You have worked so hard to get this far, and I'm looking forward to watching your continued success!!
2 years ago
Aaron D'Errico2 years ago
This just tilted!
Nice work out there, Aaron.
Jodi RockThis is so exciting!!! 
2 years ago
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