Cross-Country Love: Help Fly SF Men To NYC

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Hey again Internet!

We were going to wait a week or two before launching our first Crowdtilt in reverse, but based on demand, we're doing it now!

Here's the deal. Through running The Dating Ring, we've met thousands of amazing, beautiful, smart, super datable people in NYC and SF and we realized there was a really silly problem:

There are tons more single women in NYC, and tons more single men in SF. And, see, the two cities are only separated by a bunch of crappy airports, flight delays, and cheap roundtrip flights.

So, we started joking about doing some cross country matchmaking. And you know what they say - make a joke 12 times and it becomes a Crowdtilt. So, America, let's make this happen:

Donation Amounts:

All funds collected (excluding direct purchase of the $500 flight or $1,000 flight and hotel) will go toward sponsoring free trips for additional SF men.

SF Men:

These amounts can be donated directly, or can be totaled based on donations from your friends and family. If donating to fund someone else's trip, please leave a comment on the campaign to let us know whose trip you are funding.

  • $20: Each $20 you fund (or that a friend or family donates in support of your trip) earns you 1 chance to be selected to win a free flight to NYC for this trip. You can donate as many times as you'd like!
  • $500: Flight to NYC (6/12 - 6/15) + 3 dates + private cocktail party + large NYC bash in celebration of you
  • $1,000: Flight to NYC + housing (6/12 - 6/15) + 3 dates + private cocktail party + large NYC bash in celebration of you
  • $1,250: 3 30-minute matchmaking and date coaching Skype sessions with a Dating Ring matchmaker + flight to NYC + housing (6/12 - 6/15) + 3 dates + private cocktail party + large NYC bash in celebration of you
NYC Contributors (women and men):
  • $20: Ticket to NYC bash (and our 1-year anniversary party) on Sat. 6/14
  • $100: Ticket to private Dating Ring cocktail party + bash on Sat. 6/14
  • $350: 3 30-minute matchmaking and date coaching Skype sessions with a Dating Ring matchmaker + ticket to private Dating Ring cocktail party + bash on Sat. 6/14

If this Crowdtilt gets funded, we will:
    • Fly a plane-full [or, well, part of a plane-full] of amazing, datable men from SF to NYC, from Thursday 6/12 - Monday 6/15
    • Plan some carefully selected, matchmaker-curated dates between NYC women and SF men
    • Throw a private cocktail party followed by a huge 1-year Dating Ring anniversary bash on Sat. 6/14 in honor of the men who flew cross country for love
    • And re-define the notion of love itself

I know it sounds crazy, but so do the plots of most modern day romcoms and guess what happens at the end of those? Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling fall madly in love. Each. And. Every. Time. Because crazy things make people fall in love. There's even real research about this, we swear.

So, please help us fund this second cross-country love excursion.

Lauren, Emma & Katie (The Dating Ring ladies)


Q: Who is eligible for a flight to NYC?
A: Any SF men looking to be set up with women ages 21-40 in NYC. If you purchase or win a flight and are not yet a member of The Dating Ring, we will schedule a time for you to meet with one of our matchmakers (free of charge) before the trip.

Q: This is the best thing ever and I just want to donate. Can I do that?
A: You're the best thing ever! Surely - additional donations will go toward funding flights for additional men to NYC.

Q: I want to donate lots of money but don't want anyone to know I have lots of money because then they'll ask me for it all of the time.
A: No worries! The amount you donate won't be displayed.

Q: Can I bring a friend on the trip?
A: Of course - that's what Crowdtilt's all about! Just make sure they have funded a ticket too. Or, be an American hero and fund a ticket for your friend.

Q: But what about after? Like, if two people have a great date … then what?
A: Great question! They can fill their next few months with romantic Skype dates, text messages, and cross country trips, and perhaps even one day have an epic thumb war to determine where they settle down with two kids and a dog.

Q: This is a crazy idea. You're insane.
A: That's not a question, but you're probably right.

Q: I want to go on this trip but I only have $20.
A: That's the genius of Crowdtilt! If you donate even $20, you get a chance to win a free ticket. The more people who fund, the more free tickets we get to give away. It's like a real live Christmas miracle.

Q: Is The Dating Ring actually a real company?
A: Yea, we swear we're real and we have an EIN and all of that. We're Y Combinator W'14 and we've launched in NYC & SF (and soon Boston & LA). We do away with online profiles and messages and wasting time online. Instead, we meet all of our members in person and curate fun dates, parties, and experiences (like this campaign) for our members.

Q: Still not convinced. Do you have a super long and informative blog post with more reasons on why you're doing this?
A: For you, anything!  

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