Donations for Becky & Alex, recovering from house fire.

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Donations for Becky & Alex, recovering from house fire.
Sarah Perez started the campaign
My friends lost everything in a house fire except their lives. They even lost their cats. We're collecting donations of items and cash to help them get back on their feet. 

Please give. 

Donations address: 

Becky & Alex W. 

in care of: T. Hines

10402 Soaring Eagle Dr.


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Congratulations to everyone!
The campaign was a success. A big thanks to all our contributors.
Sarah PerezJust wanted to wrap this up by saying, again, thank you so much everybody for your donations! You are really good people and having such an impact on this family. Here's the latest update, shared by one of the family's best friends, over on their FB page: "In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to take a moment to say Thank You to all of you. Thank you for your prayers, your thoughts, your kind words. Thank you for helping to spread the word to help this wonderful family. Thank you for all of your donations, your time, your food. Thank you for your support. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You!Just to update everyone, the family is in temporary housing for a while. They have a roof over their heads and beds under them. Thanks to you, they have clothes on their backs now too! They have put up a Christmas tree so that they can start to get in the spirit of the holidays. All of your support has helped them to have a whole new outlook on life. They are all so grateful and are definitely on the road to recovery. Thank you!!"
a year ago
Jared SnowHope all ends well
a year ago
Sarah PerezWe're still raising funds on Facebook and elsewhere, but I wanted to take a minute to say a big "thank you" to everyone who has contributed so far - many, if not most of you, not even knowing Alex and Becky personally. You reached into your pockets and helped strangers out of the goodness of your heart! People can be so amazing sometimes - and especially people like you! As an update, I've distributed some of the funds already (~$420), so the family can have access to a portion of money ASAP. Whatever Crowdtilt has eaten up in fees, I'll be making up myself. I know that some of you have sent items directly to the donations address, which is also great - the family says that they are grateful for any and all help. Thank you all so much!P.S. For anyone who wants to follow along on Facebook, you can keep up to date on the family's current needs here:
a year ago
Thank you to our early contributors!
Shelby HealySending virtual big hugs to the family!
a year ago
Shelby Healya year ago
The campaign has tilted!
Shelby just made this thing happen. Awesome.
Brent EngelsGlad you are all safe, happy we could help.
a year ago
Thank you to our early contributors!