Chrome Forged Rubber™ City Sneakers-50% Off

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Chrome Forged Rubber™ City Sneakers-50% Off

Help Us Launch Forged Rubber!

We're stoked on our new Forged Rubber Sneakers and can't wait to get them on some loyal Chrome feet. That's why we're offering all you Chrome social media followers, email openers, and your friends, a chance to get 50% OFF any pair of Forged Rubber Sneakers – check out every color of the Mirko, Dima and Timur

Visit our Website to learn a but more about Forged Rubber, but come back to Crowdtilt to reserve your shoes! 

Check out Forged Rubber on our Website

View the Field Guide

Watch the Forged Rubber Making Video

How it works

Just click the "$40 Buy Now" button and enter your information. Once we reach 300 buyers, you will be charged $40 (Forged Rubber Retails for $85). If we don't reach 300 buyers you're charged nothing and we all walk away … without shoes, so share this link to make sure that doesn't happen. Within 24 hours of tilting, we'll send you an email with a unique code that you will then use to order any Forged Rubber Sneaker on our website. Just enter the code at checkout, we've got the rest. Once you receive your code it will does not expire. 


Forged Rubber is only available to ship to the United States and Canada. Shipping is Free to US addresses only.

About Forged Rubber Sneakers

Our Forged Rubber™ Sneakers are the best city sneakers in the world. They're made by hand, one at a time, on 70-year-old machines we salvaged from Slovakia. The rubber is harvested from nearby rubber tree farms, fused directly on to our 12 oz. canvas upper at 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and will not delaminate - even at the flex point. We added our signature reflective heel and an antimicrobial sock liner with quick-dry contoured footbed for sockless summers and the occasional river crossing. Forged Rubber™ Sneakers look like sneakers, built like army boots.


• Forged Rubber™ sole fused directly onto the upper at 300 degrees Fahrenheit and 30psi for superior durability

• 12oz. fire hose canvas uppers for durable breathable comfort

• Signature reflective heel for night visibility

• Antimicrobial sock liner for odor resistance and wearing without socks

For more information, please visit our website, view our field guide and watch the video of our factory in Thailand.

Thanks for helping us launch Forged Rubber. Thanks for Riding Chrome.

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