Gamers Only Older Presents: The Days of Goo

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Gamers Only Older Presents: The Days of Goo

What Is It? – We’ve been at this a while now, nearly 5 years to be exact, and while we’ve been able to interact and meet with a lot of our fans via events like the Midwest Gaming Classic and InDisFest, we’ve never truly had a public celebration of our own.  In order to commemorate our 5 year mark, our intention is to do just that.  It’s a social time for us to meet you, our fan, and use it as an opportunity for us to share our passion for gaming in a local setting.  Expect there to be games, drinks and much camaraderie – keep it tuned here for more information as it unfolds.

When Is It? – The dates have been set for July 26th-28th, 2013.  Come for all of it or part of it, we’d be excited to have you.

Where Is It? – Brookfield Sheraton, Moorland Room 7.

375 S. Moorland Rd
Brookfield, WI 53005
Reservations: (800) 325-3535 (mention "Days of Goo")

Funding Details
As eternally grateful as I am for our fans and listeners, unfortunately, we make negative money when it comes to putting on this website and show.  As much as we would like to be able to fund the Days of Goo ourselves, it’s just not a realistic proposition when it comes to the event that we want to put on, so we’re going to need to ask you to help out.

Money Raised - I can guarantee that EVERY dollar raised will ONLY go towards making the event as good as it can possibly be.  We WILL NOT be pocketing any money for personal uses, web-hosting, equipment or any of the other non-event costs we may incur.  I will strive to always make sure that is the case and you will never be charged for the fruits of our hobby.  Rather, in this case, the money will go towards the costs associated with hosting this event.  We have grand ideas about making this a spectacular weekend-long event, and these things cost money.  By securing the funds for Days of Goo ahead of time through the concept of crowd funding, we can keep the entirety of the actual event free and open to all when July-time comes around.

Crowd Funding - Assuming you’re paying any attention during our show, we’ve mentioned Kickstarter in our News That We Give a Damn About many times.  Just in case you’re not familiar, the concept is pretty simple.  We, as the organizers, state that we need a specific amount of money, or our event isn’t going to happen.  You, as the supporter, pledge an amount that you’d like to help support the event.  If we do not reach our goal, you don’t pay a dime, and our event doesn’t happen.  Once the collective pledge amount surpasses our goal amount, everyone gets charged their pledge amount and the event officially happens.  Many projects on Kickstarter offer both stretch goals and personal incentives to make pledging money more lucrative to the participant.  Our event is no different in that regard.  The further we go over the top of our goal, the better the event will be.

Incentives - We’ve got two levels of personal incentives that you can expect.  Keep in mind, that you can donate any amount of money, and these are only intended as a great thank you for the people that are able and willing to contribute in larger amounts.

  1. Goo Supporter – $50 – This initial incentive level is going to net you priority registration for any limited-seat event held during the Days of Goo.  In the week(s) leading up to the event, you will be contacted with a full schedule of  limited-seat events and given the opportunity to select the ones you would like to participate in.  Others that are not at the Supporter level of incentives will get the opportunity to sign up for said events once we open our doors on Friday night.  It should be noted, that there are many open gaming sessions available, and this incentive only applies to the ones with limited seats available.
  2. Goo Executive – $100 – Want some more stuff?  Well then this is the tier for you.  Become a Goo Executive and you’re going to walk away with a one-of-a-kind commemorative T-shirt for the Days of Goo as well as a dice bag complete with 5 Days of Goo themed six sided dice.  Want more?  Well you’ll also get Executive level registration, enabling you an even earlier opportunity to our limited-seat events than the Supporter tier.

Stretch Goals – In addition to personal incentives, there are also global stretch goals, or thresholds for the entire funding amount.  These are some items that will be included for everyone if we meet set amounts past our minimum.  A weekend-long multi-game point structure for one huge prize, individual event prizes, take-aways, and keep sakes are all among the list of potentials.

Get ALL of the details on the event at our Days of Goo Portal.

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