Let's Help Out Isaiah Austin and Raise Awareness for Marfan Syndrome

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Not sure if you've heard the heartbreaking news that Baylor University basketball star Isaiah Austin has been diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome, a rare disease that will prevent him from pursuing his dream to play in the NBA. As sports fans and kind hearted people, we couldn’t help but to set up a crowdfunding campaign to help raise awareness about this rare genetic disorder.

All funds raised will go towards either a Baylor University scholarship in Isaiah's name, or Marfan Syndrome research. Current contributors are leaning towards funding a scholarship, and my campaign co-organizer Caleb Marsh and I are working with Baylor University and their Athletic Department to make this happen. 

Please help Caleb and I collect support for Isaiah in his battle with Marfan Syndrome. Whatever happens, this is a perfect way for us fans to say Thank You for a truly inspiring career.

A little bit will go a long way if you support the cause, so please help spread the word!

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Watch the SportsCenter video here

What is Marfan syndrome?: Marfan Syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue. Connective tissue holds all the body’s cells, organs and tissue together. It also plays an important role in helping the body grow and develop properly. (Read more: http://www.marfan.org/about/marfan)

Campaign Details: Everyone is asked to chip in what they can, and the campaign will not tilt until we raise $10,000. Proceeds will go to the Austin Family. The campaign expires on July 23, so please spread the word!

Daniel Sperling-HorowitzThe NBA, led by Commissioner Adam Silver, drafted Isaiah Austin with a ceremonial pick in last night's draft. True class from Silver and the NBA and a special moment for Isaiah. #SicMarfans

Here's the ESPN link with video, and interview: http://espn.go.com/nba/draft2014/story/_/id/11142502/2014-nba-draft-league-makes-isaiah-austin-cerem...
10 months ago
Daniel Sperling-HorowitzQuick update: Thank you for voicing your preferred use of funds. Most contributors would prefer a scholarship fund. We're working on making this happen and our friends at Baylor have been incredibly helpful so far. More updates to follow.

We're working on gathering momentum for the campaign by piggy-backing on tomorrow's NBA Draft. It's such a shame this news came just days before Isaiah's name would have been called.

Let's each do what we can to reach our target. Share the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, SMS, blogs. Spread the word!

We're using the hashtag #SicMarfans. Here's a sample tweet to copy and paste:

@[WellKnownAccount] RT for @IsaiahAustin, help raise $10k to fund a #Baylor scholarship and fight Marfans syndrome. #SicMarfans https://www.crowdtilt.com/campaigns/gift-isaiah-austin-1person
10 months ago
Daniel Sperling-HorowitzThis is an important announcement, your attention is greatly appreciated.

I'm pleased to announce that Caleb Marsh, organizer of the Baylor Bears Facebook page ( with ~50,000 followers), has joined me as an organizer of the campaign. We found out this morning that, according to ESPN, Isaiah has a $1,000,000+ "elite" insurance policy which pays out in the event of a career ending disability. According to experts, Isaiah is expected to receive his tax-free insurance payout.

Now, in the interest of total transparency, we wanted to ask all of our contributors if they would prefer that - instead of donating the funds to Isaiah and the Austin family - we create a scholarship in his name.

We're currently introducing the scholarship idea to the Baylor University Athletic Department and we are awaiting feedback.

Another option is that we re-purpose the funds to be donated to Marfan syndrome research.

Please take a moment to provide your thoughts and please continue to spread the word about this campaign.

Thank you for your kindness and support!

ESPN's insurance article: http://espn.go.com/nba/draft2014/story/_/id/11125572/former-baylor-bears-star-isaiah-austin-1-millio...

Baylor Bears Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sicembaylor
10 months ago
Daniel Sperling-HorowitzRecent contributors from Baylor, thank you so much for your support! The Baylor community is the key to a successful campaign for Isaiah. Please tap into your alumni network and help us finish a strong 1st day!
10 months ago
Daniel Sperling-HorowitzDo you know anyone who can help us reach the tipping point? This campaign says a lot about the goodness of people and collective power of communities -- a little help can go a long way. Keep spreading the word!

P.S. If you haven't watched Isaiah's interview, here it is: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=11119441&categoryid=2378529
10 months ago
Daniel Sperling-HorowitzSo cool, this is getting really interesting :) Many thanks to early supporters, keep spreading the word!
10 months ago