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Started by Erica Ford

Help us save lives of young adults in Queens. We’re building a movement to end gun violence, save lives and instill peace as a lifestyle. Join us! 

It starts with LIFE!

LIFE Camp develops teens and young adults into peer leaders and employment as we provide positive alternatives to vio…

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Congrats on a successful tilt!
Big thanks to everyone who contributed.
Erica FordThere are simply two words I would like to say to you: THANK YOU!

In September, after the landlord to our community center turned off
our electricity and our doors had to be closed, I thought LIFE Camp
would be over forever. But, through the will of a group of incredible
supporters, they would not us stay closed for too long. On Monday
morning of this week, our doors were re-opened, our lights were turned
back on, our heat (it's cold in NYC this week!) worked and most
importantly, young people were given their jobs back! This could not of
happened if it wasn't for YOU! You made this happen. Whether you gave
$1 or $50,000, it did not matter to us, because we knew you gave
whatever you could and for that we are eternally grateful!!

Over 550 people gave to our campaign and through donations on
Crowdtilt and a few checks we received in the mail, we raised $129,550
in 31 days!!!!!!!! I want to sincerely thank the folks at Crowdtilt as
they have been supportive of this campaign every step of the way...above
and beyond anything we ever expected. I encourage you all, if you ever
want to do a crowd-sourcing campaign, use Crowdtilt.

We have much work to do in the coming months. We are working with
some great partners to create new strategies for fundraising, as we
never want to be put in this situation again. We are devising new
models of sustainability and other sources of income, so LIFE Camp can
serve our community without any interruption.

We hope that this experience inspired you as well, to help not just
our program, but other anti-violence programs in your community and
around the country. We all strive for a day where no mother or no
father has to ever bury their child. We will not stop until that day
comes true.

Lastly, everyone at LIFE Camp would like to wish you and your family a
beautiful Thanksgiving, a joyous holiday and a peaceful new year!


Erica Ford
a year ago
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We've reached the target!
What an inspiration – let's continue the climb.
Lora O'ConnorCongrats and keep up the AMAZING work!
a year ago
Erica Ford 30 minutes left!!! Can we reach $60,000.  We are soooo close.  Can you give a little more.  Get a friend to donate?  Let's break $60,000!!!
a year ago
a year ago