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Tilted at [?] $2,500
Target at $30,000
Started by GLIDE SF
We’ve teamed up with Crowdtilt to create the 2014 #poweredbyLOVE campaign to support our vital programs. A few great experiences await the highest contributors who help us ‘tilt!
  • Highest Contributor: Exclusive coffee meet-up with Dropbox CEO Drew Houston and Ben Horowitz 
  • 2nd Hig…
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Congrats on a successful tilt!
Big thanks to everyone who contributed.
Dori CaminongProud to be 'tiltling with this amazing community. Thank you! 
10 months ago
2 new contributions
GLIDE SFShout Out Eileen Donahoe, Nirav Tolia, Rahim Fazal, Natalia Baryshnikova, David Breger, Stacy Brown-Philpot Brian Co, Kristen Ojeda, Edward Zuckerberg, Jacob Ruiz, jesus Loya, Rohit Bhatia, David Simpson, Ernest F McGray Jr. Bonnie Ghetler, Khaled Hussein, Colin Goudie, Jane Yu, Lars Dalgaard, Aston Motes, Mark McAndrew, Tawny Nicole Holguin, Mariah Lichtenstern, Juliet Nyatta, Kaye Foster,  Jane Fraser,  Vivek Sodera, Simon Rycraft, Laurie Deneschuk, Kristen Tucker, Kristen Tucker, Betty Lin, Gabe Westmaas, Marc Andreessen, Marek Zareba, Matt Hunter, Patrick Laban, Sophia Cheng, Curtis Lee, Richard Kirkpatrick, Natassia Costa, Fang-Yu Lin, Ryan Mickle, Sasha Eversnap, Sasha Eversnap, James Beshara, Mary Glide, Sophia Horowitz, Brianna Haag, Matt LeBel, Chris Lyons, Henry Liu, Julia Blystone, Stephanie Quilao, Arrik Weathers, Mary Yap, Jackson Wang,Ellen Feaheny,Felicia Horowitz,Dori Caminong for your contributions to the #poweredbyLOVE campaign! 
10 months ago
2 new contributions
GLIDE SFShout out to all the awesome supporters in the #poweredbyLOVE campaign! We have 4 more days to reach out goal, thank for your compassion in action!
10 months ago
Ellen FeahenyAwesome Edward, Jacob, Jesus, Rohit, Davidm Ernie, Bonnie - fueling the spirit!  Here's a new post I just shared - your buddies next to you (or "across the net" maybe is the phrase). Pump it up! :) 
10 months ago
Ellen FeahenyKhaled and Colin, W00t! 
10 months ago
Ellen FeahenyAwesome Jane, Lars, Aston, Mark, Tawny, James - so awesome - thanks so much for helping on this. I am personally determined to push this to $100K+ over the next 8 days, and love your help (and anyone else wiling). If we can all tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends, and so on and so on and so on... well its like the 80's Faberge commercial ( - the hardest thing in getting the word out and fire stoked. $89K+ more is a big goal, but seen it happen before. We have time and just need to get the momentum going a bit more!Rally the movement. Lets light up the SF heart - SF does have good heart - I know it! Lets go!
10 months ago
Ellen FeahenyCONGRATS first of all. But lets keep going! $10K is cool - but $100K+ is not unreasonable expectations of SF or the Bay Area to give a little back at this timely opportunity. "Help SF with Today's "Lunch Money" - Compassion In Action" pass along, Spread the word, share, RT or at least: nudge your mate sitting in the seat or cubicle next to you... !! :)#NotAbigAsk #seriously #KindleTheFire
10 months ago