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Greetings from your humble Module::Build / PerlIO maintainer.

Earlier this year, I optimistically submitted a presentation for this year's YAPC::NA, thinking I'd figure out a way to actually physically attend. However, real-life happened and has kept me rather occupied, and as a result prevented me from properly organizing this trip.

I more or less gave up on the entire thing, but recently people have both reminded me that YAPC::NA will be awesome and encouraged me to still give that presentation. Sadly currently I am not in a position to afford an intercontinental trip like that. So here I am, a little late but I think not too late, hoping folks can help me out with my temporary lack of organization skills.

This campaign total of $1350 is designed to cover:
  • My flight from The Netherlands to Orlando ($976)
  • Room for 6 days ($270)
  • Other costs ±$100
I guess that's pretty much it. Fingers crossed, and massive advanced thanks to everyone chipping in.
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