Lets create 100 startups, attract $75m in VC and drive 1500 new jobs into Roanoke-Blacksburg

with Roanoke Blacksburg Innovation Network
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Started by Nathan Latka

The Roanoke Blacksburg Innovation Network (RBIN) was formed to help support and create 100 new startups, attract $50-75m in venture capital, create 1500 new jobs, and to build a robust mentor network over the next 3 years. 

Your donation will help the RBIN do this through a variety of w…

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Congrats on a successful tilt!
Big thanks to everyone who contributed.
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Nathan LatkaFantastic that we've reached our $100,000 goal 2 days before the end of the campaign!These funds are going to go directly towards helping Roanoke-Blacksburg become the #1 innovation hot spot in the country. Many folks have asked if they can keep donating now that we've reached our goal: you sure can (for the next two days). Share the news that the campaign has tilted with your friends via social outlets and email and lets see if we can hit $105k by the end of the day wednesday!
a year ago
William E Amosa year ago
This just tilted!
Nice work out there, William.
Nathan LatkaSamantha, Ray, and Virginia, thanks for contributing! We're now just $4,200 away from our goal. Who is going to tilt the campaign?!
a year ago
Nathan LatkaAmazing progress just 4 days before the end of the campaign! We're 95% of the way there with $95,153 raised. Please message your friends, post on your social networks, and lets raise this $5k together.Donate now and you might be the person that tips the campaigns and helps put Roanoke-Blacksburg at the top of the nation when it comes to innovation and growth. 
a year ago
Marty MuscatelloFantastic progress... Thanks to everyone participating. This is truly a community effort!!
a year ago