Help Support My Former IDF Unit

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Help Support My Former IDF Unit

Over the course of the past month, many of us have been extremely worried about the situation in Israel.  We feel a desire to help, we identify with the people, and feel a connection to the land but so far away, it is hard to feel like we are making a difference.  It is a blessing that so many organizations and even many people reading this letter make direct contributions to supporting the vast economic needs of the army, whether this be weaponry, technology, or supporting causes for soldiers.  I would like to make a different campaign.  I would like to personally bring happiness directly to a soldier. 

As a former IDF soldier from the Nachal 50 combat infantry brigade, I worry about my friends constantly.  My unit finishes the army in November.  They are inside of Gaza right now, and they are some of my closest friends.  They are all between the ages of 20-23, and they would much rather be enjoying their youth, like so many of us cherished.  They are in direct combat, experiencing things that no person should.  My girlfriend, Lindsay, had a great idea to start a campaign to raise support for my friends.  We decided that we would like to bring them direct happiness and let them know they are appreciated. Some of my favorite times in the army were ordering in pizza to base with my friends, sitting around and enjoying each other’s company.  We are going to throw them a pizza party, get a ton of snacks and drinks and show them a great time. 

G-d willing they will return home safe, Let’s show them a good time when they do.  We are asking, to anyone who may be interested, for a donation of NO MORE than $5-$10 dollars.  Please keep in mind, this is not going towards the war effort or the many economic needs of the army, this is meant to just bring enjoyment to a group of young guys who just went through a traumatic experience, and letting them know we love them and appreciate them.  Please do not feel pressured to donate, I just know that there are plenty of people like myself who are looking to get involved and don’t know how.  I truly appreciate your support.

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