Helping Our Soldiers

with Jonathan Zerker
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In memory of Benya Rubel

  From November 24, 2011 to May 23, 2014 I had the opportunity to served as a paratrooper within the Israel Defense Forces. It was an honour and pleasure to have been allowed to serve such a valiant cause as defense of the Jewish state. I was discharged from the Paratroopers at the end of May this year.  When the war broke out I returned home from a vacation expecting to be called up to continue my service to Israel.  Unfortunately I was not able to return to my platoon and I have not been called up as a reservist.  I have been sitting on the sidelines watching my friends fighting within Gaza,  I have to find another way to help them. I am asking friends, family, and acquaintances in Canada to help make a difference by making a non-deductible donations to the soldiers fighting for the freedom and safety of Israel. 

  Within the paratroopers brigade, I served within the 101st battalion.  I served in the heavy weapons, support company. My company, Massayat 101, or company X, are currently within Gaza fighting the terrorist organization Hamas. My friends, the soldiers, of Massayat 101 are risking their lives every day for the safety and freedom of the citizens of the state of Israel. They need our help. Nation for the army, Army for the nation. This is an Israeli saying, frequently used during the current situation. 

  With donations acquired, funds will be used to reward veteran soldiers of the Massayat 101, soldiers of the conflict in Gaza. With assistance of the officers, and fellow discharged soldiers, I will organize an event to commemorate the effort and sacrifices of the company. With this event, the men and women of Massayat 101 will have a short break from duty to finally rest, and commemorate their dead and wounded. My goal is to raise 8000 dollars over 10 days. Donations will be used on catering, facilities to host the event, and small gifts to the soldiers including basic amenities. Currently there are 120 soldiers comprising Massayat 101. 120 soldiers fighting. Please help with any donation that you can by submitting donations through this sight. 
  Thank you for your time and support. Thank you for supporting the soldiers of the IDF.

Jonathan Zerker
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