Help RZA & HHCF Create Youth Chess Program in LA

with Hip-Hop Chess Federation Inc.
Verified 501(c)(3) Non-Profit
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Tilted at [?] $5,000
Target at $20,000
Started by Adisa Banjoko
Help Wu-Tang Clan member RZA and The Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF) fund two new after school programs for high school students in Los Angeles! We need to raise at least $5,000 to make these empowering programs possible. The funds raised will pay for chessboards, clocks, teachers, bo…read full description
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Congrats on a successful tilt!
Big thanks to everyone who contributed.
Adisa BanjokoThank you everyone again for making this event/program possible. Please make sure to print your receipts for your 2015 tax purposes. As we grow we value everyone's support. Everything you do makes this all possible
3 months ago
Adisa BanjokoUPDATE: We are excited to kick off the After-School Programs in South Central Los Angeles. So far your funds have helped us gain many tools needed to make the program move forward. This April HHCF plans to host the first Chess, Life Strategies Intensive in the Los Angeles school. We will be sure to share information about the lives you impacted and the differences you are making with your donation. Thank you again for supporting the HHCF. 
a year ago
James BesharaThis is so awesome. Glad I came across this campaign/got a chance to be a part of it. :)
a year ago
Adisa BanjokoTogether, we did something amazing. It came down to the wire, but we pulled it off as a team. The HHCF wants to thank all of you for helping RZA and the HHCF bring music, chess and martial arts to promote unity, strategy and nonviolence to LA youth!!! See you Feb 16th in Anaheim, visit for more info. THANK YOU!!!
a year ago
This just tilted!
Nice work out there, Patrick.
Hooded QobraI Respect what you are doing, and I am behind it 100 percent, I am an emcee-producer-graphic designer, who runs an Indie Hip Hop label out of Phoenix ( I practice JiuJitsu ( and I am starting a clothing line called (Qobra Qlutch Qlothing) which will incorporate Hip Hop & JiuJitsu,  and I love to play Chess, in fact I see Life as a game of chess, I have a saying "Life is like a Game of Chess, for Each move, paves out a new destiny"  I train bjj at ( with Blayne Barlow (CTRL) whom you have previously worked with, and I own the Technique is King shirt yall collabed on. Mad Love and Respect
a year ago
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Adisa BanjokoI woke up and almost had a stroke.We are so thankful to those of you that donated to our cause. It means so much. Thank you for having open minds and hearts and helping us bring the game of chess to those who need it. No words are enough. Thank you is so insufficient a word. 
a year ago
Adisa BanjokoThis was 2 years back....It was an honor....The movement continues to grow. 
a year ago
Adisa BanjokoStarted from the bottom now we're here!! #DRAKE #BlackToMove The boards for the 2014 Chess Kings Invitational came from a sponsorship by @SACchess (on twitter) We are SO thankful!! These are the same boards Magnus played Anand on!!! 
a year ago