Interdisciplinary Mindfulness University:

with Lars Føleide, CEO
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Last two years, I have been teaching classes at University of California, Berkeley. We were thinking about putting the 3 classes online, so that more people could enjoy them. These were interdisciplinary classes, where students got to build amazing projects in groups of 3 with other complimentary majors.

Now I'm launching an Interdisciplinary Mindfulness University (IMU), which unlike traditional universities will be affordable ($1/month) and maintain a relevant forward-looking curriculum. Required first class will be related to Mindfulness, which give access to other classes initially focused on Data Science and Social Entrepreneurship.

First 100 supporters to donate 10 months worth of the monthly $1 subscription, will be awarded an additional 2 months for free (20% bonus). Any donation amount will be made accessible as a balance for use inside the IMU ecosystem. Those who choose to help out in any shape or form, it being promotion, fundraising, preparing classes, etc. will be compensated for their effort.

Now 15 years into higher education, having developed many ideas on what makes a solid educational system, this initiative is the best way I can give back to the society. But for this to reach its full potential, it is not enough for you to become a member, but that you also encourage others to support our effort to transform education. Thanks!
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