Jared's Epic Theme Park Party!

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595 sold
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Estimated delivery date: October 2014
Started by Jared Guynes
Jared’s Epic Theme Park Party
- Presented in Part by www.phonefixdfw.com  -

Sunday – November 16th, 2014

11am-6pm -  Kids 2 & Under are free

Tickets 1-1000 = $25 Each

Tickets 1001-2000 = $35 Each

Tickets 2001 - 4000 = $45 Each

Tickets 4001-7000 = $55 Each


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595 sold
Jared GuynesWe will do better next time. Thanks guys. At 595 sold, we are 6,505 short of the required amount to have enough money to rent out the park. We tried hard, but the demand and interest was just not there. If you contributed, I thank you. Your money will be returned within 1-2 business days if it is not already back. No harm done. This will not be the last idea I come up with. Make sure you "follow" me here on crowdtilt, and add me on facebook to stay updated with future epic ideas. I love you all! -Jared https://www.facebook.com/jguynes
9 months ago
Kristina Edmondson BordenI hate lines, heat, and spending a crazy amount for one day. $25 sounds good to me
9 months ago
595 sold
Tracy FullerJust got 2. I'll be getting 12 more shortly.
9 months ago
559 sold
Jared GuynesEvent is now over 550 tickets sold! WOOT! Keep the faith folks... if you can believe you can achieve! You know how this happens? YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN. We all do it together... we talk about it... share it... text it... call about it... email about it... bring it up at the dinner table... explain it to our friends. Thats how this thing works. We can still pull this off... we just need that big BREAK to make the momentum happen... that one big PUSH to get us over the edge. With your help... it's still possible. You have nothing to lose. We are in this together.
10 months ago
551 sold
Jared GuynesBoom!! We have broken 550 ticket sales!! KEEP IT UP we need to break 1000 asap!!! #havefaith
10 months ago
531 sold
517 sold
Chris WadeMoonshadow Dallas is going!
10 months ago
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