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The Daily Texan, a 113-year-old campus institution, faces life-or-death financial troubles. This summer, to save on expenses, the Texan ceased daily printing and transformed to a weekly tabloid. A similar proposal is now being considered for the long semesters, effectively ending the Texan's century-long run as a daily newspaper. More details can be found in the Texan's editorial this Tuesday:

We seek to organize a stronger and more vocal Texan alumni support base, interested in maintaining the storied tradition of The Daily Texan. We have drafted an open letter to the TSM Board of Directors that speaks out strongly against any dramatic, short-sighted decisions that threaten the future of The Daily Texan:

We also seek to put our money where our mouth is: To publish this open letter, with the entire list of signatories, as a full-page advertisement in The Daily Texan next week, tentatively scheduled for Wednesday Feb. 27, two days in advance of the board meeting where next year's budgets will be set.

Please contribute funds to help us purchase this full-page advertisement, which will in some small part have the beneficial side effect of helping The Daily Texan overcome its projected deficit for the 2012/2013 year. Your donation will be accepted only if we reach the threshold to secure a full page advertisement ($2520, plus 2.5% site service fee). In the event that we have extra funds, they will be spent on additional advertisements in The Daily Texan.

Please also remember to sign this open letter, and add your contact information to the growing alumni mentorship database.

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