Keep the Scotch and Vine Open

with The Scotch and Vine, David and Jill Pritchard, Adam Spear and Staff
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Target at $20,000
Keep the Scotch and Vine Open
Started by Adam Spear

Due to the recent water problems in the community of Des Moines, The Scotch and Vine is not doing well.  We were already cash strapped and barely making ends meet regardless of our increased sales.  The water emergency that plagued the Marina district of Des Moines, WA for the greater p…

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Congrats on a successful tilt!
Big thanks to everyone who contributed.
Donald Wood2 years ago
This just tilted!
Nice work out there, Donald.
Adam SpearIt looks like we are going to make it! A little over 12 hours to go and hopefully I'll wake up to the best birthday present ever!!! We love you all!!
2 years ago
Adam SpearI know I was contemplating changing the tilt limit. I don't think I can do that to all of our supporters plus I believe it's ethically wrong. I said $10,000 and that's what we need come on y'all we can do it!
2 years ago
2 new contributions
Adam SpearShould we lower the tilt amount? we've had so much support at the restaurant I think if we lower the tilt amount to 7k we should scrape by!!! What do you think?!?
2 years ago
Adam SpearWe are almost half way there! We love you guys and thank you for the support! We are hoping to turn these donations into gift cards in a couple of weeks!
2 years ago