Keep the Scotch and Vine Open

with The Scotch and Vine, David and Jill Pritchard, Adam Spear and Staff
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Keep the Scotch and Vine Open

Due to the recent water problems in the community of Des Moines, The Scotch and Vine is not doing well.  We were already cash strapped and barely making ends meet regardless of our increased sales.  The water emergency that plagued the Marina district of Des Moines, WA for the greater part of the week has left us extremely short on operating capital.  Today being Friday we also have Payroll.  With no cash to run payroll we are going to have to float checks to our staff.  Many of which live pay check to paycheck.  I am campaigning to you, our local community to help out and step up in a way that we have never seen.  Please leave a cash donation to help us out, keep us open.  We love being a part of Des Moines but the light at the end of the tunnel, right now, is a train, and we need your help to dodge it.  Thank you

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