Legal Fund for Community Hero Ron Moten

with Patrice Lancaster
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Tilts at [?] $6,000
Target at $10,000
Ronald Moten and the organization he was once a part of ,Peaceoholics, have been attacked by a few corrupt officials in D.C. government in order to minimize his influence on issues and policies he fought for as a community activist. Once Mayor Gray got into office in 2011, he initiated a biased round of attacks against Mr. Moten after he was cleared by the DC Auditor.

Sadly, the noted work of Mr. Moten, Co-founder and previous COO of Peaceoholics, became collateral damage of an ugly mayors race fuel by a illegal shadow campaign and dirty politics. Before this, from 2005-2009 Mr. Moten and Jauhar Abraham CEO of the group helped over 160 at-risk youth (many from gangs and crews) attend college. He helped facilitated more than41 major truces among rival gangs which helped decrease DC's Murder rate, the helped over 300 so-called unemployable people find employment and employed 50-60 of them on any given day. Also,they helped provided hundreds of DC youth with a once in a lifetime experience on Civil Rights Tours down South. Since the attacks, Mr. Moten has had a hard time receiving Justice but his Pro-Bono lawyer was able to stop a summary judgement motion full of myths and false accusations brought by DC's Mayor and his self appointed AG.

For Mr. Moten to clear his name once and for all, his lawyer has to depose several people and hire a
assistant to win the fight against the corrupt DC Government. The last battle almost cost a DC leader and servant of the people his future. Mr. Moten Does not deserve these hardships and waking up daily with not idea how he will survive and take care of his children. After all he has done for the children and people of DC .....
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