Let's Fix David Henneberry's Boat (That Got Ruined in the Boston Bomber's Standoff)!

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Let's Fix David Henneberry's Boat (That Got Ruined in the Boston Bomber's Standoff)!
Started by Craig Dunlap

***UPDATE: I'm speechless -- we've passed $10,000! Your support for Dave, an everyday man who found a terror suspect and had his beloved boat destroyed in the process, is AMAZING. The nation is watching now! Let's not forget that the real goal is to raise $50,000 to fully re…

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Craig DunlapMy friends: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I have final confirmation that our friends at Crowdtilt have paid out the full amount of the funds we've all collected here -- a whopping $50,597.50 -- directly to David!!!
According to a close relative of his, who helped us organize the transfer of funds, he has been truly moved by the outpouring of support from this campaign. She said that "he still can't believe all of this happened", and "he's beside himself with all of this unbelievable kindness from all over." Although I haven't spoken to David directly, he also wrote a letter thanking the supporters for their generosity. It's included in this blog post: http://blog.crowdtilt.com/post/49514750681/a-crowdfunded-tribute-for-a-hero-america-bought-dave
I don't even know what to say. Even a few weeks after this groundswell of support, I'm touched beyond belief. We all came together, out of concern for our fellow man and fellow American, to help out David Henneberry in his time of need. We offered our hands to support his family, after they unluckily found themselves at the center of this tragic situation. And we actually did it -- alongside an amazing donation by Boston Whaler. 
In his note, David said: "It is because of friends like you, that my wife and I hope to be back out on the water sooner rather than later." You should all give yourselves a big pat on the back, as we've truly done something wonderful for this humble man :). 
I'll try my best to stay in touch with his family, along with Crowdtilt's help, and give updates as they come! Again -- thank you all so much for helping this happen. I'll remember it forever.
2 years ago
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Craig Dunlap***MAJOR UPDATE: We have received an INCREDIBLE donation from the Boston Whaler boat company, matching the funds donated by our community so far to get to our $50,000 goal!!! WE DID IT!!! I'm completely speechless, and this is a modern technological miracle: people from all over the nation -- and the globe -- coming together to build support for Dave and his family. He was unexpectedly thrown into the national spotlight after helping the Watertown Police find the terror suspect (and unfortunately having his beloved boat destroyed in the process). He deserves this outpouring of support, and it brings a tear to my eye to see it happening right here!!!!!Even if you only put in $1, you're a part of the historic good deed that we've all done here. But a very special thanks goes to Boston Whaler for their above-and-beyond generous donation, and here's a note directly from them that I would like to share with y'all: "On behalf of Boston Whaler and the many boat brands of the Brunswick Corporation, our employees, supplier partners and dealers worldwide, we would like to offer our contribution to the Crowdtilt community seeking to replace the boat that David Henneberry recently lost during the Boston Marathon tragedy. We will also be making an additional contribution to http://OneFundBoston.org for the support of all victims of the Boston bombings, their families, the first responders and the Boston http://community.As a leader in the marine industry, we understand and appreciate the passion boaters have for their time on the water, and we hope that Mr. Henneberry will be back out on the water soon.With this donation, we believe Crowdtilt will reach or exceed its stated goal of $50,000. We at Brunswick also support whatever decision Mr. Henneberry makes regarding the money raised on Crowdtilt.We encourage all those concerned to direct any further donations to http://OneFundBoston.org as well. Our thoughts are with David, all those directly affected by the Boston bombings, the city of Boston and the nation as a whole."I still can't believe that this is all happening. Again, thank you all SO MUCH for the truly amazing support you've shown for Dave. We've done something very special here by showing the power of our American community when we join together, and I'll be remembering this for a very very long time :)- Craig
2 years ago
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Boston Whaler2 years ago
We've reached the target!
What an inspiration – let's continue the climb.