Let's Help Fix Up Errand Frazier's Truck!

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Let's Help Fix Up Errand Frazier's Truck!
R.b. Sheldon started the campaign
If you read the CNN story about Errand Frazier of Vero Beach, you were probably moved by his selfless act to save a kitten that lodged itself in his truck bed. Frazier didn't think twice before cutting a huge hole in the side of his Chevy pick-up to allow it to escape. 

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R.b. SheldonNot sure why the photo I had attached didn't seem to go through, but here it is as an Imgur link:http://i.imgur.com/Xl8INff.png
9 months ago
Patricia M BullerYou deserve everything you will receive.  Thanks.....
10 months ago
Cynthia RichardsI was discussing your story with my family and we were able to define "selfless" by your example. Thank you for making things a little better.
10 months ago
Jeff LonowskiWe need more people like Errand Frazier!
10 months ago
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Dylan PageHappy to help pay for your truck repair! You did a wonderful and truly good thing!
10 months ago
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shaun geganthank you!
10 months ago
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