Make Perl Nerd Merit Badges

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Target at $8,000
Make Perl Nerd Merit Badges
brian d foy started the campaign

The indoor boy scouts at Nerd Merit Badges can make custom badges for $5 a badge. If I can get 100 people to pony up $8, I'll get these made and send you one in the post. If you want to donate more than $8, I'll use the extra to make more to give out at conferences or whatever. I…

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Congratulations to everyone!
The campaign was a success. A big thanks to all our contributors.
Mark GardnerGot mine!
a year ago
Jamyn ShanleyWhat's the timeframe on these bad boys? January? February?
a year ago
Travis ChaseAwesome!
a year ago
James LanceI just ordered two badges. I'm super excited.
a year ago
2 new contributions
Mark KeatingIf you still need help with the merit badge design let me know.
a year ago
Jacob RoseAwesome! I'd love to see ".pl" or "#!perl" (or even just "perl") superimposed to add context.
a year ago
The campaign has tilted!
David just made this thing happen. Awesome.
Wendy van DijkNice idea. I don't mind the velociraptor, but I certainly would not mind the Camelia or the camel. And please please please mention the word Perl and maybe the url
a year ago
1 new contribution
Daniel MueyThis is cool brian, thanks! Definitly like the orange dragon-armyish raptor design
a year ago