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Help Myles & Marlee Eckert Pay It Forward

**UPDATE 3/13: Amazing News! Highland Capital Management is matching up to $1,000,000 of donations made to this fundraiser! Together we can turn Myles' $20 into a $2,000,000 blessing for the children of fallen soldiers. Donate here and spread the word. Let's make a miracle happen.


Let's help 8 year old Myles and his sister "pay it forward" to military families across the country! 

You may have seen the viral story about Myles, the 8 year old son of a fallen military hero who turned $20 into a priceless gift for a soldier in Ohio. His compassion moved the nation to tears and went viral on CBS and Buzzfeed. I live only a couple zip codes from Myles and his sister Marlee, and know them from the time I wrote an article about their family. Their mother Tiffany phoned me this morning with an amazing story: she told me that her children were inspired by the support around the nation, and wanted to turn the outpouring of love into a blessing for military families. 

In an staggering act of selflessness, Myles and his family have turned down donations to their own family, and instead have created this fundraiser for the Snowball Express. It's a holiday retreat for children of fallen soldiers and makes the holidays so much brighter for thousands of children like Myles and Marlee across this great country. Their funding is falling dangerously low and Myles and Marlee want to save it for years to come! Let's honor Myles and his father's ultimate sacrifice by helping little Myles fulfill his dream of donating $10,000 to Gold Star children. If we can raise $10,000 for the Snowball Express, we’ll be touching the lives of thousands of military families. 

100% of your donation is tax-deductible, and all funds will go directly to the Snowball Express. :) 


UPDATE: Crowdtilt has verified this campaign and will handle the disbursement of funds directly to the nonprofit:  

Jeremy BaumhowerWe have extended this campaign for another week because big things continue to happen including something huge.  Here is my latest column for the Toledo Free Press.  It chronicles how Myles' story went viral and everything that has happened since.  Please READ and SHARE
a year ago
Jeremy BaumhowerIt is beyond incredible that a 8 YO's $20 discovery is going to benefit hundreds of Gold Star children. Thank you all for being a part of this amazing thing.
a year ago
Jeremy Baumhower

Turning a $20 Bill into $2,000,000. How Myles Eckert's good deed is about to become 100,000 times bigger.

A company wants to help Myles Pay It Forward by turning $20 in $2,000,000

Highland Capital Management has awarded the Snowball Express and the Eckert Family an unprecedented $1 million challenge grant.

Donations made on behalf of Myles Eckert up to $1 million will be matched through Memorial Day, May 26, 2014.

That means every donor gift will have double the impact.

“Snowball Express has provided much-needed support for my family these past few years,” said TiffanyEckert,
a Gold Star mother. “The challenge grant will allow this great
organization to serve even more Gold Star children across the country
and improve this critical support system.”

“We believe every
single one of us has a responsibility to help the children of our fallen
military heroes,” said James Dondero, Co-Founder and President of
Highland. “Not one of us can do it alone, not Snowball Express, not
Highland, and certainly not the individual families, but together, we
have the ability to do great things by creating a supportive environment
for all of these children and honoring the memories of their parents.”

“Highland’s challenge grant is ambitious, as it should be, but I’m
confident the $1 million target can be achieved as others join us in
paying it forward,” said Mark Okada, Co-Founder and Chief Investment
Officer of Highland. “This is one more step in our continued efforts and
commitment to support our nation’s veterans, service members and their
families. Over the years we have given millions of dollars in support of
military causes, such as ReserveAid. We applaud the other companies
that are already doing the same and hope this challenge grant inspires
others to give back as well.”
“The Eckert children and their
commitment to paying it forward are, and will continue to be, an
incredible inspiration,” Mr. Dondero said.

Since 2006, the
mission of Snowball Express has been a simple, yet profoundly important
one: Provide hope and new happy memories to the children of military
fallen heroes who have died while on active duty since 9/11. The
organization brings children together from all over the world for a
four-day life changing experience that provides a fun, nurturing
environment that makes each child feel special and gives them an
opportunity to share their feelings about losing something so precious:
their parent.

More than 2,500 children have attended events since Snowball Express was founded in 2006.

“We have one clear and distinct goal, to allow Snowball Express to be
able to support every Gold Star child in the country,” Mr. Kern said.
“Highland’s challenge grant, combined with the already amazing support
from our Presenting Sponsor, American Airlines, and our other great
sponsors, is going to help us get there.”

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a year ago
Jeremy BaumhowerGreat News!!  Myles will be on The Ellen Show this Thursday to talk about his good deed and to promote the Crowdtilt Campaign! 
a year ago
Jeremy BaumhowerOver $4,000 Raised so far!! AMAZING!  This Crowdtilt is about to blow up!!  Big Things Coming!
a year ago
Jeremy BaumhowerThanks Aaron and Julia!!!
a year ago
Jeremy BaumhowerHoly AWESOMENESS!! Thank You... Thank You... Thank You...
a year ago
Jeremy BaumhowerFrom Gov. Kasich calling Myles' mom to Steve Harvey... today was a day that good beat evil. Over $2,600 has been raised in less than 14 hours for the Snowball Express.. every show and network across the country wants to have this family fon their airwaves.

I am addicted to the beauty of our character and what makes us who we are
a year ago
Jeremy BaumhowerUPDATE: Steve Hartman, the reporter from CBS, just shared this to his facebook wall! :)

Also, here is a quote from Tiffany Eckert, Myles' mother: "What Snowball does for Marlee, Myles, & their gold star friends is life changing. We are thrilled at the opportunity to give back to an organization that means so much to us. Seeing people give to Snowball would mean so much more to all of us than any video game ever could. Myles isn't the only little guy out there that's hugging a headstone. This will benefit some of the others. Thank you!!" - Tiffany Eckert 

Keep up the good work, guys! 
a year ago