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The Bunny House

We’re up to our ears in ears!  (See our update, too.)

The House Rabbit Society of Missouri in St. Louis receives requests from nearly 40 different animal shelters asking us to take in rabbits left with them in addition to the many calls from individuals no longer able to keep their bunny.  Rabbits are the third most abandoned pet in the United States, yet very few shelters accept them and those that do are severely limited in space.  There's very little publicity about how many are euthanized or estimated to be turned loose to die.  As an all-volunteer, 501(c )3, no-kill, foster home based organization, MO HRS has been handling these calls for a huge region for the last 16 years including helping with large confiscations in cases of hoarding and abuse.   All of the bunnies here are spayed/neutered and health checked plus they receive love and good care while waiting for their forever homes.  All adopters are qualified and must go through an orientation on rabbit care as there are some serious misconceptions in the general public about rabbits which is a main reason so many are abandoned.  Done correctly, they make wonderful animal companions in the home.    We are at a point, however, when a building of our own is imperative if we are to continue our mission of helping area communities and shelters with these abandoned animals plus our continued community help with groups like Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, schools, community service, and community events.

Our initial goal is $35,000.  We've found the perfect building, but a 20% minimum down payment is required plus costs for the building inspection and bank appraisal on the property.  We've saved 10% and we are confident in our ability to make mortgage payments and still provide continuing good care for the animals we are committed to helping.  Please know that anything above $35,000 raised in this campaign will completely go towards the purchase of this building which will help make monthly payments lower.  In turn, that lets us help more animals.  On behalf of the nearly 300 bunnies in our care, we thank you.

Joy GioiaA note to all of our previous contributors.  We are still working on getting The Bunny House ready.  We're almost there.   There have been more expenses than expected like plumbing, the roof, etc., but we've been getting everything resolved and really want to have the bunnies in their new shelter by Nov. 16. That's our targeted move date.  We've started a new, smaller Crowdtilt campaign to help achieve the final details in getting it all done. If you can help, even a little, please go to this new Crowdtilt link    We'll have photos for you to see of the new place soon.
Thank you so much.
a year ago
Joy GioiaJust wanted to let all of our supporters know that their donations helped us to successfully get the building of our dreams.  We obtained our special users permit and closed on the property.  We're now in the process of renovations to make the building a great place for the bunny rescue and help hundreds of abandoned and surrendered bunnies find new, loving homes.  You can continue to follow us at and  
2 years ago
Joy GioiaHow exciting!!! Thank you, everyone! Anything coming in now will go towards repairs and things needed in the building. The bunnies are doing binkies (happy bunny hops.)
2 years ago
Joy GioiaWe are so grateful to everyone who is trying to help us reach this goal. We're really getting close. We are getting other things into place, too. Please know that any donations that go over our goal will still go towards our building fund because we have to do things like get a washer & dryer, a large hot water tank, paint, make new tables for our bunny houses, add a secured key system, etc. Every single donation will go towards making a wonderful place for our bunnies to live while waiting for their "furever" home. Thank you again.
2 years ago
Joy GioiaWe've updated our goal again to reflect the generous local donation from Hope Animal Hospital in Fenton, MO. We're getting closer!!
2 years ago
Joy GioiaBless all of you who are helping to make The Bunny House dream come true. If you haven't seen what were working for and why, please watch our video put together by one of our dedicated volunteers. Thank you again.
2 years ago
Joy GioiaWe had a bunny angel in Canada donate $300 on our rescue website Paypal button (Thank you!) so I've adjusted our new total to reach. Thank you to all you have pledged to help our campaign.
2 years ago
Joy GioiaWooHoo! More local donations have come in so our end goal has been adjusted.
2 years ago
Joy GioiaOne of our members made this YouTube video for us. It will tell you more about us and what we're trying to do.
2 years ago
Joy GioiaWe have received another $300 in donations via checks. Thank you all. We really need a shelter building. We'll reduce how much we need yet to go so everyone will know how close we are to our total in both Crowdtilt donations and donations via cash or check.
2 years ago