The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop 2014

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The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop 2014
Started by Dan Wright
This campaign is to determine if we should host The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop in 2014.   If we get 30 participants by Labor Day, then it's on!

The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop is a low-cost technical conference for users of the Perl Programming Language. The conference emphasizes real c…
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Congrats on a successful tilt!
Big thanks to everyone who contributed.
33 sold
Dan WrightThe tilt campaign is about to end ( only allows campaigns to run for 30 days.)   But don't worry!    We'll have the conference site up and running within the next 48 hours and people will be able to purchase tickets directly from the site.People that have already bought their ticket through will be receiving a coupon code by e-mail that will enable you to register yourself on the PPW site for free.
7 months ago
Lee J Carmichaelthanks for running it again. I'm looking forward to see everyone!
7 months ago
29 sold
Dan WrightThank you to everybody that helped us tilt PPW!    We'll be seeing you this November.     Although we have met our goal, ticket sales are still open.    So, if you haven't purchased your ticket yet, you can still do so through
8 months ago
Wendy van Dijk8 months ago
This just tilted!
Nice work out there, Wendy.
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Dmitri TikhonovOne step closer!
8 months ago
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Dan WrightWe have a downtown venue that looks like it's going to work out for us.     Now, all we need to do is tilt this campaign!    11 days to get 16 people.     I've had a few companies tell me that they have several that they'd like to send.    Now is the time to sign up!
8 months ago
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