Reward Edward Snowden for courageously leaking NSA docs

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Reward Edward Snowden for courageously leaking NSA docs

Ed Snowden is the 29-year-old whistleblower behind the biggest intelligence leak in decades, possibly in U.S. history. Now, his future is uncertain while he's on the run in Hong Kong.

We should set a precedent by rewarding this type of extremely courageous behavior. It's definitely apparent that legal fees may soon be a big part of his future, but I don't care how he uses the funds raised, whether it's for a business-class trip to Iceland or just to pay his hotel bills, it's a reward that I believe we shoudl band together and provide him with... Whether it's $5 or $500, his courage should be rewarded.

Idea: anything we can raise over a certain amount can go to a fund that rewards other whistleblowers like this. We should make this a precedent, where Americans (or people all over the world) are able to help people like Snowden who get themselves into hot water for doing something important they believe in.

I just kicked it off with $1,000... What can you contribute?

Even if you can't contribute, please copy+paste this link ( to your Facebook and/or Twitter page in support!!!

UPDATE: This campaign has been verified by Crowdtilt

Dwight CrowUPDATE: In light of the sensitive legal situation surrounding Edward Snowden and the fact that he is in an undisclosed location outside of the United States, it's been impossible to get the money raised in this campaign directly to him. So instead, Crowdtilt and I have decided to donate the funds to the Freedom of the Press Foundation: an organization that fights for the cause of exposing abuse and lawbreaking in government through aggressive, hard-hitting journalism, reporting, and whistleblowers.

Why is the FPF the best place for these funds? 1) They aim to educate the public about the fact that brave whistleblowers like Edward Snowden are critical to ensure government transparency when traditional avenues are cut off by Congress or the executive branch, and 2) Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras -- who have reported many of the NSA stories based on the documents leaked by Snowden -- are founding board members. Co-founded by Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, FPF's motto is "leaks are vital to a free press and republic" and they have been harsh critics of the Obama administration's crackdown on whistleblowers.

Again -- thank you all for your support! If you'd like a refund for your contribution to this campaign, please email [email protected] and you'll be able to get one promptly.

2 years ago
Dwight CrowUPDATE: You're all amazing, and this campaign has been an absolutely wild ride. I'm beyond impressed by all your passion and enthusiasm for Snowden's efforts. With your support, we've managed to hit our $15,000 goal and on the way to providing some solid financial support for Edward himself. Not just that -- but the whole world has been watching us, as this page was covered in the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, The Guardian, and much more.

Many of you have inquired about when (and how) the funds will be disbursed to help Ed, now that the campaign is ending, and the short answer is that I'm still figuring out the specific logistics with the help of the Crowdtilt team. We're in the midst of discussions with the EFF and similar organizations about establishing a Defense Fund for Snowden, and endowing it with the funds we've raised here.

Regardless, I'll keep you updated as soon as I have more information on how Crowdtilt will be disbursing the funds collected here. I will fully make sure that these funds are applied in the best possible way to reward Snowden, to help him through the hardships he's facing in the wake of his brave leaks.

Thank you all SO much for your support, and I can guarantee it won't be forgotten anytime soon :)
2 years ago
Dwight CrowUPDATE: Really stunned at the action everyone has taken. The commitment to support Snowden and by proxy a national dialogue on the balance of freedom and security is really moving. I hope this campaign serves as a tangible demonstration of solidarity with Edward Snowden's decision to risk much for his beliefs and the freedom of his countrymen.

We've tilted this campaign so I and Crowdtilt will begin looking for the most direct way to get the funds to Mr. Snowden. I'd love to continue this support, so please share the campaign ( or contribute if you can, and absolutely reach out to your Senators and Representatives expressing your support for government transparency and your willingness to fiscally commit to the issue (politicians pay attention to money, so I hear :P). 

As to how we're reaching Snowden. When we began this campaign Mr. Snowden had a known Hong Kong location, and we believed we could wire him funds legally if indirectly through family members. Now that his location is unknown, we will still be attempting to reach him but the situation is significantly more difficult. If his location becomes known or if we can find a trusted journalist to forward funds we will still do so. If after 60 days Mr. Snowden's location is still unknown, I'd like to contribute the funds raised to the Electronic Freedom Foundation (

Thank you all so much for contributing, and please continue to press forward on civil liberties and a transparent government.
2 years ago