Reward Edward Snowden for courageously leaking NSA docs

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Reward Edward Snowden for courageously leaking NSA docs

Ed Snowden is the 29-year-old whistleblower behind the biggest intelligence leak in decades, possibly in U.S. history. Now, his future is uncertain while he's on the run in Hong Kong.

We should set a precedent by rewarding this type of extremely courageous behavior. It's definitely apparent that legal fees may soon be a big part of his future, but I don't care how he uses the funds raised, whether it's for a business-class trip to Iceland or just to pay his hotel bills, it's a reward that I believe we shoudl band together and provide him with... Whether it's $5 or $500, his courage should be rewarded.

Idea: anything we can raise over a certain amount can go to a fund that rewards other whistleblowers like this. We should make this a precedent, where Americans (or people all over the world) are able to help people like Snowden who get themselves into hot water for doing something important they believe in.

I just kicked it off with $1,000... What can you contribute?

Even if you can't contribute, please copy+paste this link ( to your Facebook and/or Twitter page in support!!!

UPDATE: This campaign has been verified by Crowdtilt

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