Save Net Neutrality: Billboard in FCC's Backyard

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The Internet as we know it is under attack, though most of us don’t know it.

On May 15, the FCC plans to kill the idea of net neutrality and replace it with a 'cable-ized' version that costs more for consumers, enables discrimination across services that make use of the net, and makes it harder to access the stuff that we access each day today (from video streaming to file saving and sharing). On top of all that, it'd have a chilling effect on entrepreneurship -- all for the benefit of a few cable companies. 

Let's defend the rights of the open internet and tell the FCC that it's not okay for them to side with an oligopoly of internet providers instead of the American people. I'm joined by, reddit, Sam Altman, Fight for the Future, and others to place a billboard right in Washington D.C. that proclaims "Keep the internet free & open for all!" (or some better copy one of you comes up with - tweet me suggestions @AlexisOhanian).

Even if you can't fund this crowdtilt, spread the word and call your representatives and the FCC.

It's already starting, but I want to take this message from the American people right in the FCC's backyard. After the billboard is paid for, any additional funds will also be used for ads in NYTimes and Washington Post. I've done this once before after we defeated SOPA & PIPA, but we the people need to rally to save the internet one more time.

The sooner we can fundraise this billboard, the better, because the FCC will propose its new set of rules on May 15th.

The open internet is a fundamental utility to our nation's economy and society -- let's keep it that way. Thank you.

If you'd like to donate using Dogecoin, you can do so here: D5gFxHPMRz4W6xYs8moWhgPMPoUycCABBa (over 4,356,268 DOGE raised so far!)


Alexis OhanianStill going! 
I gave you, my awesome crowdtilt backers, a shoutout on CNBC earlier this week - watch the clip:

Thanks again - we continue to turn up the heat on the FCC, so please keep getting your friends + family to call their reps in Congress and the fine folks at the FCC and insist on Title II reclassification.
a year ago
Alexis OhanianThanks again to all of you for making this such a success. Many of you have asked for the original art in order to remix it or print your own fliers -- here you go!

Fun fact: This campaign is running at 30 locations that generate 2.7M weekly impressions (and we're running for 2 weeks so that's 5.4M impressions total!).

The benefit of having a digital ad is that we can change the messaging almost instantly -- depending on the FCC announcement on Thurs, we can adjust our messaging ASAP and feature a new ad in that spot because it's digital, making us more nimble and newsworthy. That would be impossible with traditional printed advertising. 

Bonus fact: The average 18+ adult walks an average of 18 blocks in the city each week, so they are more heavily exposed to this type of advertising. There aren't a lot of billboards in DC proper, and this was the more effective way of reaching government workers and the FCC and it looks pretty damn cool, too.

More info here:

Annnnnnd I'm just finishing up a special crowdtilt fundariser for a great nonprofit that's teaching Queens to code (thanks to the level playing field insured by net neutrality, they all have the same limitless potential).
a year ago
Alexis OhanianAnd we're live! 

Thanks to all of you who helped our campaign tilt. In light of the dearth of billboards near the FCC (and the great deal we got on bus shelter ads) we've covered DC with this ad at bus shelters across the city.

Thanks again to all of you who contributed to make this happen!

Photos of it in the field here:

Live in DC?

Tweet @alexisohanian with a photo!

a year ago
Alexis OhanianWE DID IT!

Thanks to an awesome surge from we tilted!

Our earlier open letters have since generated a response from FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, too!

Keep it up. Photos to come! We were able to get a great deal on advertising in scores of bus shelters across DC (since billboard space is limited, especially around the FCC) and I'm super excited to show you.
a year ago
Alexis OhanianZoinks! I've got updates for you.

1. The Dogecoin foundation reached out and setup a wallet for donations (over 2,110,357 DOGE raised so far! AMAZE.) D5gFxHPMRz4W6xYs8moWhgPMPoUycCABBa 

2. We've gotten even more coverage for this campaign -- now it's been featured in PC World, the Baltimore Sun and on The Verge!

3. An awesome video just dropped from the very talented CGP Grey that explains just why this is such an important issue. Please send it to your friends + family + strangers who might still have questions about #NetNeutrality and why we must defend it

We've got some interesting plans for plastering our message across DC - stay tuned!


a year ago
Alexis OhanianThe New Yorker speaks the truth with this comic.

We're already over $10K and the buzz just keeps growing.

Here's the WSJ article about the campaign:

And here's the CNN interview I did yesterday morning:

Please keep telling your friends not only about this specific campaign, but more importantly about contacting your members of Congress & Chairman Wheeler at the FCC!
a year ago
Alexis OhanianWOW! It's been an awesome week. Thank you so much, everyone, not only for your contributions (almost half-way there!) but also for spreading the word. I just got off the phone with the WSJ about the campaign thanks to your work.

Thanks to you, we've already generated a ton of press:

Let's keep it up!
a year ago
Alexis OhanianWe've got the guy who INVENTED net neutrality on our side! Awesome job, everyone -- keep it coming.
a year ago