Save the Toy Store! (Edwardsville, IL)

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Save the Toy Store! (Edwardsville, IL)

Hello, thank you for your interest in the donation campaign to benefit Once Upon A Toy/Lagoona Magoo Toys/Happy Up Inc.

As was sadly reported late last week, Once Upon A Toy/Lagoona Magoo/Happy Up Inc. was forced to close on Saturday, March 9. 

Everyone knows that the state of our nation's economy has been hard on retail businesses, most especially independently owned specialty retail businesses such as Once Upon A Toy.  

Despite their best efforts to align the business with the economy, the results were not fruitful enough.  The financial institution has called the loans. 

Once Upon A Toy has been a fixture in Edwardsville since 1987; their first location was where El Maguey is today.  In addition to being a hot spot for birthday and holiday gifts, Once Upon A Toy is also known for their unique items, their keen eye for the next hot toy, and their very helpful and friendly staff.  Most likely the store has also served as a successful bribery tool in most homes (if you ____, I will let you pick out a toy at "the purple toy store".).
Because $75,000 is only the tip of the iceberg, the campaign will continue after that goal is reached.  However, if the goal is not met by Friday, the effort will be cancelled due to the timeline of the liquidation.

It is our hope that this great amount of money will call off the banks efforts to liquidate the assets of Happy Up Inc. and allow Shawnta' to re-open the doors for business.  Whether that is for the remainder of this year, or forever, remains to be seen.  

Shawnta' and her team are well aware of the road ahead and are ready, willing, and able to work hard for the best possible outcome.  They love their jobs and their toy store family.  Recent efforts, including a revised business plan, were looking positive; Shawnta' and her staff welcome the opportunity for a second chance. 

Your support, regardless of size, is most appreciated.  The community effort behind this campaign does not go unrecognized.

Some things to note:

  • If $75,000 is not raised by Friday the campaign will be cancelled due to the timeline of the liquidation.
  • Your donation will not be processed by Crowd Tilt until we reach or "tilt" our goal.
  • By donating to this cause, you acknowledge that you are aware that this contribution is a gift.  Your financial donation, regardless of value, is not tax deductible. Nor does it entitle yourself or any of your relatives to special entitlements to or at Once Upon A Toy/Lagoona Magoo Toys/Happy Up Inc. including an ownership interest, expectation of return or profit, or any other pecuniary interest or advantage. This donation is a gift and a leap of faith.

Please follow this community effort on Facebook: Save Once Upon a Toy and LagoonaMagoo!/groups/191671887623770/

Thank you!

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