The Fred Smoot Love Boat Part 2

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The Fred Smoot Love Boat Part 2
Former Washington Redskins cornerback Fred Smoot has teamed up with Guest House Radio to party for a purpose. Not only do we want to throw the best party to kick off the spring, we want to give back to our community, that's why we're donating all the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project. You've heard about the infamous Fred Smoot Love Boat, now you can take part (disclaimer: no strippers on this boat...this is a wholesome good time).

The total price is the cost of the boat + booze + entertainment + our goal of no less than $5000 to donate for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Our tentative date is SUNDAY March 16th 2014 - On the Cherry Blossom in Alexandria, Virginia

Your ticket gets you:
  • 3 hours on a damn boat with Fred Smoot and other former/current NFL players
  • All you can drink liquor, wine and beer
  • live music and DJ
  • a damn good story to tell your friends
The more people we get involved, the cheaper it is for all of us! You don't get charged until we get to 200 people! Don't loaf, tickets sell out quick!

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