The Official /r/MLS Chivas USA Skywriting Protest

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The Official /r/MLS Chivas USA Skywriting Protest

Chivas USA is banning tifos critical of their front office from the Home Depot Center, so screw them, we're taking to the air! They can't ban the sky!

Here are our options:

1.) SKYWRITING $4120 for "VERGARA OUT," lasts 5-7 minutes.

2.) A NIGHT SIGN. $675 for 15 minutes, $1000 for 45 minutes. We can change this to anything with as much as 40 characters.

3.) BANNER. $605 for 35 minutes and 35 characters.

We can do this for as little as $600, or we could do this for as much as $4200 — all additional fees are included (I think). Currently, our targeted date is the Chivas-Galaxy game on 6/23 at 8:00pm.

Any additional cash that is not used and cannot be refunded will be donated to MLS Works, MLS' charitable arm.

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