Order the Sonos PLAY:1 for $190 all-in; save 10% and get a free $50 bridge

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Order the Sonos PLAY:1 for $190 all-in; save 10% and get a free $50 bridge

We're using the power of crowdfunding to get a great deal on the new Sonos PLAY:1!


Here at Crowdtilt HQ, we love Sonos. It's rare for our ears to not be graced by sweet, sweet musical love. No matter what room we're in, the tunes follow us. Even better, the new Sonos was officially declared "the best $200 you can spend on sound." 


When we realized that most of our team was planning to buy individual units for our homes, we thought "why not get our friends onboard and secure a bulk order discount?" Turns out - Sonos loved the idea too and will hook us up with 10% off and a free bridge ($50 value) for every unit.


So join in! After taxes, this comes out to $190 per unit. If you're in SF, come pick up your unit at our SoMa office at your leisure (and we'll throw in some Crowdtilt swag when you drop by :)) If you're elsewhere, just email [email protected] with your mailing address and we'll get it shipped directly once the campaign ends. 


If you have any questions about this, please shoot us a note at [email protected]! It's a group buying experiment, but we're hoping to make your lives easier and save us all a little cash.


(Note: we'll have to limit this campaign to 200 orders. Will keep you updated if there's a ton of interest.)

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